3 Reasons You Are Going to Like WaterGrip

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If by some strange reason you have not tried our breakthrough, 100% water saving growing medium for your next green wall, green roof or general landscaping use, here are 3 undeniable reasons why it’s by far the best growing medium on the market today. But don’t take our word for it:

“I do want to say that the WaterGrip Ground Up Medium is revolutionary! We put a layer of WaterGrip on the bottom of all the containers, and then mixed it 50% with our favorite non-staining potting soil mix to fill each one. I love how light and easy to work with the medium is!

We installed at the beginning of an intense 4 days of sun, heat, and wind – I was concerned about transplant shock and losing plants due to the conditions on the terrace.  We watered on installation and the day after, then every other day, and now every 3rd or 4th day.  A few plants drooped a bit after the 1st day, but then they all perked up and now look really happy – already showing new growth, in less than one week after replanting!  I’m pretty sure that the WaterGrip helped them through the heat and wind transpiration water losses.

Thanks again for your help in getting me the medium.  It will probably be the reason that this 27th floor terrace garden can exist.  I will certainly be interested in being able to get more of the material in the future.”

Sue Williard, San Francisco

Reason #1

Water Grip is about saving the water of the world.  That is our mission and why our company exists.  WaterGrip Growing Media can hold 8x its weight in water with a moisture content of 890%, meaning more water can be captured and watering frequency can be reduced.  A macro/micro pore structure allows water, air and nutrients to be held within its organic matrix and be 100% available to the roots – root respiration can occur even when the media is fully saturated. Superior capillary action allows for quick absorption and efficient wicking of water throughout the media.

Reason #2

WaterGrip is made from natural materials.  We are all about recycling…but do you really want to grow plants in plastic???  We feel the answer is to make our product from a sustainably responsible product like coconut coir and fir bark.  Traditional organic mix ingredients (coconut coir) combined with proprietary properties creates a hydrophilic matrix of macro and micro pores with superior water, air and nutrient holding capacity. WaterGrip products are infused with nutrients, hormones, and beneficial bacteria for optimal root and plant protection and development.

Reason #3

We are all nice guys at WaterGrip.  No, it is true.  Our lives and our passion revolve around plants and growing.  It’s all we know and all we do.  Our founder, Allan Huberman is a 4th generation grower in New England who took 8 years to perfect the WaterGrip product.   So call us, we love to talk plants and growing on green roofs, green walls and general landscaping.

The reasons are clear as to why WaterGrip is the best product on the market. Stop wasting time with inferior products that cause green wall failures, warranty problems with green roofs, constant fights with pH levels, and most importantly – wasting precious water.

WaterGrip…it’s about growing more with less.

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